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    Decasult Inc.


    Decasult Inc.

    Project: Deployment of major projects for University of Montreal
    Role: Participation to the redaction of projects’ presentation (Opportunity and business cases)


    Project Description

    1) Reassignment of academic spaces | University of Montreal – Mountain Site
    This space reallocation project follows the construction of the Sciences Complex/Campus MIL – Phase 1 and provides in particular for the renovation, upgrading and adaptation of premises in the Roger-Gaudry and Marie-Victorin pavilions located on the main campus of the University (Mountain Site).

    2) New Data Science Pavilion and Courtois Institute
    University of Montreal – Science Complex | Campus MIL – Phase 2
    The second project consists of Phase 2 of the deployment of the Science Pole of the University of Montreal at the MIL Campus for the integration of data sciences and the establishment of the Courtois Institute on artificial intelligence and advanced materials properties.


    Assistance and active participation in the redaction of the Business Case (1st Project) and the Opportunity Case (2nd Project) to be presented to government authorities in order to obtain approval from the Treasury Board (SCT).

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